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New Sliding Windows Will Enhance Your Home in Numerous Ways

Sliding WindowsWant energy-efficient sliding windows installed on your home? If so, turn to Custom Windows by BELDON® Home Solutions. We sell and install all of the most popular window styles, including sliding windows. Compared to other styles of energy-efficient windows, our sliding windows offer several advantages. For one, they allow you to open either sash and easily ventilate your home. They also provide an aesthetic that goes great with many home styles and an unobstructed view of outdoor scenery.

As with all of our window styles, our sliding windows have an energy-efficient design to help insulate your home. Once they’re installed, your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard to heat and cool your residence, and you will, in turn, save money on your energy bills.

Aside from their energy efficiency and great looks, our sliding windows provide a wide range of other benefits. When you have us install them on your home, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Reduced noise infiltration – No one likes having their home life disrupted by the sound of traffic or a noisy neighbor. Our windows will minimize the amount of outside noise you can hear inside of your house.
  • UV protection – The sun’s ultraviolet rays will fade your furniture and flooring, making them look old and worn. Our low-emissivity glass blocks 95 percent of UV rays and will help keep your possessions looking new longer.
  • Increased security – Outdated, old windows provide an easy entry-point for intruders. Our sturdy windows, built with cam-action locks, will help protect your family and valuables.

For your peace of mind, we’ll provide you with several warranties when we install these windows on your home. In addition to passing on the manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee that covers your windows’ frames, we’ll offer you a lifetime glass breakage warranty. That means if any of your new windows malfunction during that time due to our workmanship, we’ll come to your home and fix it for free.

To schedule a free consultation and learn more about our sliding windows, contact Custom Windows by BELDON® Home Solutions today.

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