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Size Matters: Why Oversized Downspouts Make a Difference

downspout draining water

Downspouts don’t get much attention unless a storm knocks them off the house. If you’re like most homeowners here in Newton, Georgia, you take them for granted until a heavy rain makes it sound like the Flint River is flooding through your gutter downspouts. Size actually matters with these exterior fixtures because oversized downspouts save wear and tear all around your home. The experts at LeafGuard by BELDON® have all you need to know about why oversized downspouts are essential for your Newton home.

The Lake on Your Roof

Try to imagine the volume of rain that falls on your roof in one stormy afternoon. The U.S. Geological Survey provides a handy online calculation tool that turns speculation into surprising numbers. Just one inch of rain on an average rooftop would fill up 1,800 1-gallon buckets. That’s a lot of water gushing through residential gutters, and they can’t do their job without the help of properly installed downspouts. An undersized drainage system lets that lake on the roof soak your home’s foundation, sidewalks, deck and garden beds.

Bigger Really Works Better

Take one of those buckets of rainwater, and pour it into an empty one through a small funnel. The funnel quickly backs up and splashes your shoes. Repeat the experiment with a much larger funnel, and you stay dry. It’s simply a matter of liquid volume and physical space, and oversized downspouts operate on the same principle. The fixtures quickly drain heavy downpours and direct the deluge away from your foundation. If you’ve ever watched stormy weather through a window and worried about overflowing gutters, it’s time to upgrade your downspouts.

Extra Oversized Advantages

Oversized downspouts are the best partners gutters can have because they let the system do its job. Gutters don’t back up and overflow, and that spares the foundation from repeated soakings, but bigger spouts have extra advantages. Because they handle heavy amounts of rainfall efficiently, they reduce the strain on your gutters and extend the system’s life. Oversized downspouts funnel water away from the house much more quietly than smaller installations, and their solid construction keeps them stable even through Georgia’s stormiest weather.

Bigger isn’t always better, but oversized downspouts make a real difference in how well your gutter system does its job. If you’d like more information about the advantages of upgrading, just give us a call. LeafGuard takes care of home and business owners throughout Baker County with seamless gutter and oversized downspout installations, and we always provide great customer service. When it comes to protecting your home, size really does matter.

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