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Six Great Gutter Hacks You Need to Know

man cleaning gutter

Before you head over to Lake Meridian for a little outdoor fun, look up at the roof. Do you see an afternoon of entertainment in your gutter system? No? You’re not the only Kent, Washington homeowner who needs these six gutter hacks that turn chores into playtime. Gutter systems in Kent, Washington require year-round maintenance. Use these hacks from LeafGuard by BELDON® to help you with your gutter chores!

  1. Start Your Engines.

    Attach a 2-inch PVC pipe extension to your leaf blower, top it with a U-joint piece, and swoosh leaves out of the gutter while you stay grounded. The principle works in reverse but remains the same with a shop vac. This powerful hack offers a leisurely alternative to climbing the ladder.

  1. Pretend You’re a Superhero.

    Gutter tongs don’t rise to the level of power tools, but they do give you a superhero’s reach. These leaf salad tossers work best when your gutters are full of heavy, wet stuff. You can always just make-believe that you’re in the latest blockbuster movie while you work.

  1. Release the Robots.

    The DIY jury seems deadlocked on how well these gadgets work, but you can’t deny their amusement value. Gutter-cleaning robots come in a smile-inducing array of models that travel your troughs and blow out the debris. Things can get messy, but it’s all remote-controlled cleanup fun.

  1. Bring a Gutter Inside.

    Turn repurposing into a home-decorating hobby by sprucing up old gutter sections for indoor reassignment. A little spray paint and a quick wall mount transforms these outside fixtures into attractive racks perfect for storing toys in the kids’ room, planting herbs in the kitchen or hanging shoes in your closet.

  1. Take It Back Outside.

    Edge sidewalks and patios with repurposed gutters, and fill them up with colorful gravel accents. Elevate your green thumb with miniature gardens planted in trough sections suspended from the eaves. You can even top deck railings with gutters converted into shallow planter boxes for strawberries or scallions.

  1. Put a Chill in Outdoor Entertaining.

    Pop out the center board of your picnic table, and replace it with a clean gutter section. Fill it with chilled cubes to create a full-length ice bucket that keeps cold brews within easy reach of everyone at the party. Are you feeling hungry and adventurous? Turn the centerpiece trough into a giant banana split.

We have one more hack that eliminates cleanup duty. Seamless gutter installations are the ultimate solution to clogs and leaks, so just give us a call for more information. We’re your LeafGuard specialists here in Kent and across Washington State, and we can help you retire the blowers, the tongs and even the robots.

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