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Replacement Windows Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Homes

Replacement WindowsOne of the best ways replacement windows can upgrade your home is by making it more energy efficient. As windows age, they allow more heat to transfer into and out of your home, which can lead to a colder interior during the winter and a warmer interior during the summer. However, when you choose BELDON® Windows to complete your window replacement project, you’ll receive products by Pella® that are expertly crafted to minimize this heat transfer, thereby reducing the amount of work your HVAC system needs to do in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

How do our replacement windows minimize heat transfer? First, the high-performance glass is fully insulated to meet ENERGY STAR® standards and is available in single, dual, or even triple panes to provide the superior insulation your home needs. Second, the frames and sashes have a patented slim construction that, in addition to maximizing your view, contain internal chambers that help to buffer against heat loss.



Improved energy efficiency isn’t the only benefit that replacement windows from BELDON® Windows can provide for your home. Indeed, our windows can also provide:

   -Enhanced security against intruders, thanks to an intricate locking system that secures the sash to the sill

   -Water damage prevention with the inclusion of a telescoping dam that is designed to repel water during heavy rains

   -Increased curb appeal, as our replacement windows are available in many beautiful styles, with decorative options like elegant grids, attractive interior wood laminate designs, and gorgeous exterior colors that are sure to complement any home

BELDON® Windows can also provide a highly skilled team of technicians to perform a quick and easy installation to minimize the inconvenience to you and your family. To learn more about how Pella® replacement windows from BELDON® Windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home, contact us today. BELDON® is a fourth-generation, family-owned business with many years of experience helping homeowners all across the state of Texas with their home renovation projects.


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Regular maintenance of your home is essential to preserve its value and ensure your family’s comfort. That’s why when the time comes to replace your windows, it’s vital to choose an experienced, trustworthy company who’ll treat your home like it’s their own and make your satisfaction a top priority. Once you schedule your FREE estimate with us, we think you’ll agree that BELDON® Windows is the right company for the job.