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Protect Your Gutters from Ice and Snow

ice and snow in gutters

Did you know that Linden, Virginia gets around 20 inches of snow per year? Even though that’s slightly lower than the national average, it still means a lot of snow and ice hanging out in roofing gutters throughout the city. As a homeowner in Linden, you don’t want to deal with roof and gutter damage from heavy snow. With this helpful guide, you can protect your gutters from the winter elements and reduce your chores come spring.

4 Steps to Protecting Your Gutters

  1. Clean your gutters.

It can be a chore, but someone has to do it. You’ll want to clean your gutters ahead of a winter storm to prevent unnecessary blockage. You’ll also need to remove any snow or ice buildup during the winter since it causes added weight and can pry the gutters off the fascia of your home. Cleaning your roofing gutters before winter weather occurs helps to prevent ice dams and protect your gutter system.

  1. Check for weak spots.

If you have an older, more traditional gutter installation, it has probably started to fail. Before snow and ice storms strike the area, make sure that your gutters are secured to the fascia. In addition, check the seams for sags, dips and cracks that could loosen and break from the weight of snow and ice. Seal the seams with caulk, and then use a cordless screwdriver and screws to secure the gutters into place.

  1. Insulate the attic.

A well-insulated attic prevents hot air from escaping and promotes snowmelt during the winter. Take the time and have your attic properly inspected and insulated. By keeping the hot air in the attic, you’re heating the snow on your roof and preventing it from causing everything from ice dams to roof collapses.

  1. Use a roof rake.

Keep excess snow off your shingles and out of your gutters with a roof rake. It has a long extension that allows you to reach up high and rake away the snow that could cause problems for your gutters. Take care as you near the edge of your roof as you could accidentally pull the gutters away from the fascia.

You can protect your gutters from snow and ice even more with a new LeafGuard gutter installation. With the gutters’ patented design, the snow and ice roll right over the edge just like leaves, pine needles and any other debris. Although you may only see a few heavy snowstorms in Linden, Virginia, one is enough to go with LeafGuard and prevent ice and snow damage all winter long.

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