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Pella® 350 Series vs. Andersen® 100 Series

Homeowners will typically consider strength and energy efficiency when deciding which windows to choose for their window replacement project. The Pella 350 Series and the Andersen 100 Series, two popular windows on the market, are both marketed as having the attributes listed above, but how do they really compare with each other?


The frames of Andersen 100 Series windows are made with Fibrex, a proprietary PVC-wood composite material. Andersen markets this material as twice as strong as vinyl (from which Pella 350 Series windows are made), but this is a tad disingenuous — it’s only stronger in compressive strength. This means that Andersen 100 Series windows can have a slimmer frame, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re stronger than Pella 350 Series windows. In fact, because Fibrex contains wood, it’s more susceptible to rot than the pure virgin vinyl frames of Pella 350 Series windows.

Energy Efficiency

It’s true that Fibrex frames and vinyl frames have about the same insulating properties. However, when it comes to energy efficiency, the glass panes play a huge role, and this is where the Pella 350 Series leaves the Andersen 100 Series in the dust. Pella windows feature two panes of Low-E glass, standard. Low-E glass is an option for Andersen windows, as is having dual panes. That’s two additional expenses added on to the base price, which can make these windows more expensive than Pella’s and with fewer energy-efficient features!

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BELDON® Windows is a window company that is dedicated to offering only the best windows for our valued customers. We believe a window should do more than just look good — it should actually improve your home. In our experience, Pella windows offer the greatest range of benefits for the cost, and we’d love to design and install some for your home.

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