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Overgrown Gutters: How Growths in Your Gutters Can Cause Major Problems

overgrown gutter

Afternoons up on the ladder cleaning gutters and downspouts are part of a homeowner’s life here in Akron, Ohio. It’s easy to keep putting the work off for another day, but that will only make the job harder in the long run. If you let it go too long, your roof’s drainage system turns into a mini ecosystem that rivals our Cuyahoga Valley. Overgrown gutters breed major problems that affect your home from foundation to roof. LeafGuard has the details on the dangers of overgrown gutters, and what you can do to stop them.

Leaves, Needles and Twigs

You expect the annual fall leaf drop from maples, poplars and sycamores around the house, but keep in mind that trees shed leaves and twigs all year. It’s the same kind of natural maintenance that brings down sticky needles from our beautiful pine trees. Add spring storms and summer rains to the mix, and a constant drift of debris fills up the gutters. Left alone, it all turns into a rich compost ready to nurture airborne seeds that land and take root. When gutters turn into planters, they overflow with rainfall that then saturates the ground and soaks your home’s foundation, which can cause major problems.

Algae, Mold and Slime

Overgrown gutters add cleaning insult to clogged injury by creating an environmental petri dish. The conditions are perfect for algae and mold growth, and the stuff forms a thick slime that coats gutter materials. It’s hard to remove the stubborn mess especially around seams and joints. Give algae a little room to grow, and it quickly finds its way out of the gutter to shingles on the roof. Mold creeps into soffits and stains the wood as well as siding below. Slimy gutter growth isn’t as hair-raising as a science fiction movie, but cleaning it up is a scary chore. The best way to handle these situations is to not let them happen in the first place.

Bugs, Birds and Critters

The miniature garden growing in your gutter attracts insects that nest, breed and add to the unwanted pest population. Roaches and carpenter ants use dirty gutters as highways into the house, but they have to dodge hungry birds looking for an easy meal. The bugs up there serve as a buffet for all kinds of wildlife including snakes and rats. Squirrels enjoy easy pickings from the nut and seed selection, and standing water completes the invitation for a wildlife invasion. All that activity and extra weight can buckle seams and pull gutters loose from their hangers.

If you wish the City of Invention would come up with a solution for overgrown gutters, give us a call instead. LeafGuard by BELDON® specializes in roof gutter installations that keep debris out, and maintenance to a minimum. Wherever you’re located in Summit County, contact us today for more information about our patented systems, and set yourself free from all that stuff growing in your gutters.

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