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Make the Ultimate Gingerbread House with Our Secret Finishing Touch

gingerbread home

In Hampstead, Maryland, everyone is getting ready for the holidays. If holiday crafts are your favorite part of the season, we have a treat for you. This year, we’re helping you get in on the fun by sharing essential steps and expert decorating tips to help you create the ultimate gingerbread house. We’re even revealing how to add roofing gutters and downspouts to give it a unique and realistic final touch.

Crafting the Ultimate Gingerbread House

  • First, choose a template and recipe that you will use to create the basic forms for your gingerbread house. You can choose templates from popular magazines or online forums like Pinterest.
  • Shape and bake all flat and solid pieces, and allow them to cool and harden for at least 24 hours.
  • Create white frosting from powdered sugar and shortening. Place it into a pastry bag with a small or medium nozzle. The frosting will act as glue to hold your house together and make decorations stick.
  • Assemble your house according to your recipe’s instructions.
  • You can leave the cookie surfaces plain and decorate with trim, or you can use colored frosting as paint for special effects.
  • You can also use icing to make latticework. Assemble your lattice before you place it on the house.
  • Here’s our favorite secret addition. To create realistic gutters and downspouts, use ropes of licorice candy. The pull-and-peel variety is more pliable and works better with smaller houses. For larger ones, use the original grooved pieces cut in half to create the look of open gutter trays.
  • It’s traditional to use gum drops as roof decor, but feel free to get creative. Try a light blue frosting to make a tin roof, or use shredded wheat to create a thatched look. Sliced almonds also make great roof shingles.
  • Use marzipan and marshmallows to create figures such as trees, snowmen, plants, gifts and other objects.
  • Employ a variety of candies and nuts to create a unique look. Chocolate bars make great doors. Peppermint sticks look just like columns. Don’t forget the red hots to use as berries and tree decorations. Check your grocer’s cake decorating section for sprinkles, solid shaped candies and edible metallic decor.
  • When you’re happy with the house itself, landscape around it. Use powdered sugar to emulate snow. Crumbled brownies make perfect mulch. Toss green food coloring with flaked coconut to create grass. Dot your landscape with candy flowers.
  • Most importantly, remember that everyone’s ultimate gingerbread house is different; yours should reflect your unique taste and personality. Incorporate the themes, colors and flavors you love.

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