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Is a Tiny Home for You?

tiny home in grass

You won’t find them in the Hilltop or Cherry Creek neighborhoods, but tiny houses have developed a cachet that rivals the finest homes in Denver, Colorado. From their efficient gutter systems to compact front lawns, these little abodes are fully functional and fascinating alternatives to their mansion-styled cousins. If you’re thinking about downsizing, could a tiny home be a perfect fit?

That’s Really Tiny

The average size of a home here in Denver covers 2,600 square feet. A typical tiny house shrinks that figure down to 500 square feet. These little residential properties are designed with basic floor plans. One bedroom serves all, and dining, kitchen and den areas share the same space. Fans of this architectural trend applaud the simplified lifestyle, and there really is a Tiny House Movement dedicated to promoting these unconventional homes. An Internet search turns up builders and realtors ready to help you squeeze into something new all across Colorado.

Maybe You Should

If the thought of an affordable dream home makes you smile, think about building it for pennies on the dollar. A tiny house doesn’t need a big lot, its design doesn’t require architectural talent, and construction doesn’t drag on for months. Once it’s up, upkeep is minimum. Cleaning is quick and easy inside, and you don’t need a ladder for outside chores like cleaning the gutters and checking the roof. Are you ready to go green and solar? It’s affordable on top of a tiny home because your energy consumption is often low enough to stay off the grid. It all adds up to radical downsizing that you might be able to finance with cash on hand.

Maybe You Shouldn’t

If the thought of a tight fit makes you uncomfortable, think twice about jumping into a tiny house. Actually, there isn’t much room for jumping, storing, entertaining or parking the recliner. Some little homes boast as much as 1,000 square feet, so you might have extra space for a washer and dryer, but most full-sized appliances won’t fit. Rocky Mountain storms can rock small structures, and that makes reinforced roofs, seamless rain gutters and vinyl windows essential. Are you ready for a garage sale? Start tagging the furniture because most of it won’t fit in your new tiny home. You’ll need to downsize closet contents too.

Regardless of the space you’re in right now, it’s always fun to imagine a new home that fits you perfectly. Whether you’re staying put for the time being or downsizing into your own tiny house, LeafGuard is here for you. We customize our seamless rain gutters to fit all kinds of homes throughout the Denver area. Just give us a call, and don’t worry about size. We can handle anything.

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