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How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Gutters

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When harsh Aurora, Colorado, winters hit, area gutter systems face a new set of challenges. Gutters work by channeling rain water away from your house and depositing it at a safe distance. If temperatures drop while your rain gutters aren’t free and clear, damage to both the gutters and your home’s structural stability may occur. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent winter weather damage.

How Winter Weather Can Wreck Gutter Systems

As fall turns to winter, accumulated leaves and twigs in gutters cause more problems than ever. Clogged gutters allow water to back up into your home’s fascia and soffit areas; this causes water damage even before temperatures drop. When the first freeze hits, water drains slowly and eventually turns into accumulated ice, which can overload and bend, break or damage your gutters. As ice expands, structural damage to gutters and fascia can become severe. If melting snow causes ice dams to develop, your clogged, frozen gutters compound the problem. A frozen gutter system doesn’t just harm the top portion of your home. It can lead to ice accumulation around your home’s foundation, and this may result in cracks that cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Winter Maintenance for Your Rain Gutters

The following maintenance tips can help you prevent structural damage and keep your rain gutters working properly during the winter months.

  • Inspect your gutters and remove all debris. It’s best to perform this task before winter weather begins or after ice and snow thaws. Be sure to check and clean all corners and junctions where leaves can gather easily.
  • Check anchors and seams for leaks.
  • Ensure that your gutters are firmly attached to your house by gutter spikes and there are no gaps between gutters and fascia.
  • Look for signs of structural damage. Check your siding, fascia and foundation for stains, rotten wood and signs of mold or mildew. If you find damage, determine the source of water flow and make repairs immediately.
  • Inspect downspouts and diverters. Water should be flowing away from your house, and it should not pool on any surface.
  • If you normally divert water into a rain barrel, consider taking a break during winter and reattaching the downspout when warm weather returns.

Don’t Spend Another Winter with Inferior Gutters

If winter weather results in severe and costly damage to your gutters or your home, don’t wait for it to happen again. Replace your existing gutters with a superior LeafGuard gutter system. Even Aurora, Colorado, winters are no match for LeafGuard’s patented, seamless gutter system that eliminates messy, dangerous leaf and debris clogs and makes routine gutter cleaning a thing of the past. Contact your authorized LeafGuard distributor for details.

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