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Five Things You Don’t Want Hanging from Your Gutters

leafs in gutters

When you suddenly notice something hanging from the gutters of your Dundalk, Maryland, home, many questions may pop into your head. Is it something that bites? Will it be expensive to remove? Are you going to have to drag out your ladder? In most cases, it’s not a good idea to ignore a dangling object attached to your gutters or gutter downspouts. Some things that hang around can cause major issues with your gutter system, and that could lead to water damage. Here are five dangling objects you need to take seriously.

Things You Don’t Want to See Hanging from Your Gutters

1. Bats

Hanging is one of a bat’s favorite things to do. Unfortunately, seeing bats hanging upside down on your gutter means they may also be nesting in gutter debris or your attic. Because their droppings present a serious health hazard, you need to manage the problem quickly and thoroughly. Be sure that all debris and bat excrement is removed from your gutters, and call your local animal control department for advice on getting rid of the bats.

2. Tree Branches

Tree branches can easily impede water flow if they fall directly into gutters, but what if a small branch is just hanging off of the side? The weight of it could potentially cause the gutter to bend, or the branch could fall unexpectedly and take part of the gutter down with it. If a hanging branch is small enough to handle by yourself, remove it carefully. Larger, heavier branches may require the help of a tree service.

3. Leaf and Debris Buildup

If so many leaves have built up inside your gutters that there’s a visible mass hanging over the side, you have a seriously clogged gutter system. Immediate gutter cleaning is essential to prevent water and structural damage. If the problem recurs frequently, consider installing a LeafGuard gutter system to halt it permanently.

4. Icicles

Unfortunately, when ice and snow melts and starts to drip over partially frozen surfaces, large and intimidating icicles can form. Ice may back up in gutters and prevent water flow, and dripping icicles may redirect water to form dangerous ice patches on the ground. Icicles can also fall suddenly, and they’re just as lethal as they look. Since clogged gutters can contribute to the problem, it’s important to keep them clear in winter. Heating cables installed in gutters and downspouts may also help.

5. Shingles

Your shingles should hang over your gutters in a way that allows rainwater to flow into the gutter trays. If they’re hanging so far over that water is simply running off of your roof and onto the ground, your gutter system is rendered ineffective, and either the roof or gutters require adjustment. Contact your roofing contractor for a professional assessment.

Don’t Let Bad Gutters Hang Around

Despite the great variety of potential danglers, leaves are still the most common culprit. Dundalk, Maryland, gutter installers know what to do when too many problems are caused by leaves and debris collecting in gutters. They recommend a more effective gutter system. The patented LeafGuard system features a seamless, one-piece design that redirects leaves, twigs and other unwanted items so that water can flow freely away from your home. Contact your local LeafGuard distributors today to learn more.

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