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Eliminate Algae Growth From Your Roof and Gutters

algae growth on roof

Imagine that you’re flying in one of the hot air balloons from the Cook Park Festival. Can you see your house from up there? How does that roof look? If you’re seeing shades of green, your home is like countless others here in Tigard, Oregon. The gutter service pros at LeafGuard by BELDON® know that severe algae growth can clog downspouts and shorten shingle life, and they’ll be the first to tell you that prevention is your best defense against the slimy stuff.

Why Is It Up There?

Just like your balloon, algae travels through the air, but it takes flight as microscopic spores sailing on the Oregon breeze. The tiny organisms also hitch rides on birds and small animals that trek across rooftops and scurry along gutter troughs. Once it settles in, algae quietly matures and grows into a green or black coating that puts down roots in shingles and feeds on debris in dirty gutters. The process takes several months, but our damp climate encourages algae, and gusty winds spread new spores across entire neighborhoods.

How Do You Attack It?

The bad news is that you have to get up there and scrub it off. The good news is that you don’t need harsh chemicals or heavy power-washing equipment. Both are hard on your home’s exterior, so stick with non-toxic oxygen bleach powders. Arm yourself with a light-weight bucket, a long-pole bristle brush and shoes with plenty of traction. Mix up your cleaning solution, and wet the roof in a downward direction. Make sure the gutters get a good soaking too. In about 20 minutes, the algae will be ready to give up its grip on shingles and downspouts.

What Kind of Prevention Works?

Algae loves shade and moisture, so keep trees trimmed and gutters free of debris. If you’re installing a new roof, talk to your contractor about materials that resist the green stuff. If you need prevention that works right now, put a little metal to work by installing lengths of galvanized flashing along the roof’s top ridges. Copper is your best choice, but tin and aluminum will do the job too. As rainwater flows down from your flashing, it soaks the roof and gutters with minute traces of chemicals that effectively prevent algae growth.

We offer a final tip for keeping algae at bay, and that’s seamless gutter installation. Our LeafGuard systems keep out the debris that builds up and breeds trouble, so you enjoy clog-free gutters that stay clean and help your roof stay dry. If you’d like more information about how our Tigard gutter systems work, just give us a call. No one wants a slimy, green roof, and we want you to enjoy that view from the sky.

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