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Easy DIY Shelving with Gutters

leaves in gutter

You love the way the house looks with its new custom gutters, and you’re a Thorton, Colorado, homeowner committed to responsible recycling. Put those two facts together, and they add up to a DIY project that repurposes the old gutters into smart shelving ready to work inside and out. Your crafty, homemade mantles might even be a big hit at the next Harvestfest Bazaar. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s something the family can enjoy doing together.

Converting Gutters to Shelves

Both aluminum and vinyl gutters are great shelf candidates, and the conversion doesn’t require special tools or construction expertise. You’ll want to give the old troughs a good washing, and then let them dry overnight. Meanwhile, stop by the home improvement store for end caps that close up the open ends of your new shelves. Cut the clean gutters to size with a hack saw, pop on the end caps, and you’re ready to prime and paint. Adding color isn’t a requirement, but it brightens up recycled shelves headed for the kids’ room or your kitchen wall.

Hanging Storage for Convenience

Most gutters measure 5 or 6 inches in depth and offer a surprising amount of handy storage space. Hang your new shelving from pegboard over a workbench, and insert dividers to keep the home handyman’s nails, nuts and bolts neatly organized. Small tools that disappear in the garage are easier to find when they’re put away in an aluminum gutter shelf mounted at eye level. Save your attractively painted conversions for kitchen duty where they can catch everything from extra cooking utensils to neatly folded dish towels.

Decorating With Purpose

Inspire the kids to keep their rooms neat by hanging colorful gutters at a level that inspires quick picking up. The recycled lengths make perfect bookcases for little ones too. Showcase their favorite volumes with covers facing forward, and turn blank walls into picture galleries of favorite books that encourage reading. Add interest to your own tight spaces by creating tiered nooks of shelving that meet in a corner. Gutter shelves don’t mind returning to outside duty either where they make perfect wall planters around the patio or deck.

We proudly support recycling and applaud DIY projects, so we enjoy sharing ideas that add functional fun to your home. When you’re ready to repurpose the old roof troughs and replace them with attractive seamless gutters, LeafGuard by BELDON® is at your service. Our custom installations protect homes and businesses all across Adams and Weld counties with maintenance-free good looks. Give us a call today and get to the DIY fun.

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