Protect Your Gutters from Ice and Snow

Did you know that Linden, Virginia gets around 20 inches of snow per year? Even though that’s slightly lower than the national average, it still means a lot of snow and ice hanging out in roofing gutters throughout the city. As a homeowner in Linden, you don’t want to deal with roof and gutter damage […]

Protecting Chicago’s Water Through Stormwater Management

Chicago enjoys a variety of water resources, including Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, and Lake Calumet. These water resources are used throughout the city for many things, including safe drinking water. The Green Stormwater Infrastructure Strategy is key to the city’s stormwater management kit, and having a good rain gutter system can be beneficial for […]

Increase Curb Appeal with Attractive Yard Drainage

As one of the top places to live in the U.S., Highlands Ranch, Colorado offers great quality of life and active lifestyle opportunities to residents. But enjoying your Highlands Ranch lifestyle means taking care of your family home. LeafGuard gutters work hard to protect your home and foundation from the harmful effects of pooling rain […]

Basement Flooding: Is It Your Gutters?

Kansas City, Missouri is no stranger to floods, but bad weather is only part of the problem. Basement flooding can also be due to structural problems. Poor floor and wall sealing allows water to seep inside during heavy rain. Sump pump failures, hot water tank leaks or supply line failures can leave you standing in […]

How Water Buildup Can Ruin Your Yard

With rainfall averaging 40 inches a year, residential gutters in Portland work hard redirecting downpours away from area homes. Your gutters keep the foundation in good shape, but they also protect your landscape’s natural good looks. If the curb appeal in your yard starts circling the drain, you might have a faulty gutter system. Standing […]