Size Matters: Why Oversized Downspouts Make a Difference

Downspouts don’t get much attention unless a storm knocks them off the house. If you’re like most homeowners here in Newton, Georgia, you take them for granted until a heavy rain makes it sound like the Flint River is flooding through your gutter downspouts. Size actually matters with these exterior fixtures because oversized downspouts save […]

3 Decorative Downspout Ideas

Don’t let drab downspouts decrease the curb appeal of your Cleveland, Ohio home. Home to a variety of attractions, Clevelanders across the city can enjoy the benefits of making their residential gutters more attractive. Whether you live in West Park with your family or in a beautiful Old Brooklyn home, these four decorative downspout ideas […]

All About Downspouts

In a gutter system, everything from the corner piece to the downspout plays an important role. However, the downspout may be one of the most critical pieces in the entire system.  A downspout’s sole purpose is to channel water away from the foundation where it causes major damage – which is essentially the only reason […]

Why Fall Gutter Maintenance is a Must

                  To keep your home in top condition, you must complete regular maintenance throughout the year. For instance, in the winter, you should shovel your sidewalks and remove icicles from your roof. During the spring, you’ll need to clean your exterior windows and begin your lawn care […]

Oversized Downspouts Provide Superior Benefits

Gutters are not just window-dressing for your home. These are the key components in your home’s water control system that prevents rainwater from damaging your foundation by pummeling the ground immediately below the roof line. A good gutter system channels water around your roof to the downspouts, where it flows down away from the side […]