How to Unclog a Gutter

As a homeowner in Tigard, Oregon, you understand the need to have fully functioning gutters — especially with the amount of rainfall in the area. With all the trees in Tigard, it’s no wonder that so many gutter systems clog and fail over time. Clogged gutter systems lead to many different problems such as wet […]

Five Fun Landscaping Ideas

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with a family landscaping project for the weekend. From colorful flower edging to stone pathways, you can update your yard while spending time as a family in the spring. With new LeafGuard gutters in Houston, Texas, you can prevent water damage and soil erosion from destroying your hard work. 5 […]

Keep the Gutters on Your House, Not on the Ground

Leaf buildup weighs down the gutters, causing them to sag and eventually break free from the house. Many homeowners install gutter screens or off-brand leaf guard gutters hoping to prevent clogs and debris buildup. These gutter protection systems fail to provide adequate leaf protection due to faulty installation or poor design. However, LeafGuard gutters prevent […]

Fall Foliage Patterns

Fall brings change and bold colors to cities across the nation, but not every city experiences these changing colors at the same time. Whereas cities in the northern states witness the leaves changing colors in early fall, some southern states have to wait a bit longer. No matter when the leaves change from green to […]

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Trees

We all know that trees are lovely to look at, but today there is mounting evidence that leafy plants provide a range of health benefits to humans.  If you have one or more stately old trees in your yard, enjoy them for their shade and beauty and do whatever it takes to preserve them. They may […]