Common Gutter Cloggers

Clogged gutters can cause damage when gutters become weighed down by leaves, debris, ice and snow. In Kansas City, Kansas, you are guaranteed to experience all four seasons of gutter clogging. If build ups are left in gutters, it is possible for water to spill over and seep into a building. Significant water damage in […]

Spring Gutter Maintenance

In the aftermath of winter, traditional gutters are apt to be filled with dirt, leaves, pine needles and other debris. That’s especially true if several large trees grow near your home. Of course, you may avoid these problems entirely by investing in LeafGuard’s seamless rain gutters in Seattle, Washington. Either way, it pays to engage […]

Keep the Gutters on Your House, Not on the Ground

Leaf buildup weighs down the gutters, causing them to sag and eventually break free from the house. Many homeowners install gutter screens or off-brand leaf guard gutters hoping to prevent clogs and debris buildup. These gutter protection systems fail to provide adequate leaf protection due to faulty installation or poor design. However, LeafGuard gutters prevent […]

Winter Gutter Maintenance

Winter can really take a toll on gutters, but proper maintenance can protect your home in all kinds of weather. From a thorough cleaning to installing gutter covers, keeping your gutters winter-ready can be accomplished by following a maintenance routine and ensuring that your home is prepared for the cold weather to come. Winter gutter […]

Squirrel Appreciation Day

If you haven’t heard, January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Though you may not appreciate squirrels invading your attic or wrecking your roof gutters in San Antonio, these furry creatures pose little threat to people and pets in neighborhoods across the country. This Squirrel Appreciation Day, learn how to keep these cute rodents out of […]

Prevent Hazardous Pine Needle Buildup

Pine trees can be a gorgeous part of the landscaping around your home while also providing a wonderful natural scent. However, the fallen pine needles from these trees often cause a variety of problems. Leafguard by Beldon® offers seamless rain gutters in Denver, Colorado and residential gutters in Fredericksburg that will allow you to enjoy […]

Fall Foliage Patterns

Fall brings change and bold colors to cities across the nation, but not every city experiences these changing colors at the same time. Whereas cities in the northern states witness the leaves changing colors in early fall, some southern states have to wait a bit longer. No matter when the leaves change from green to […]

Five Fall Gutter Cleaning Tips

Fall is a time when kids and grownups both dig in piles of leafs. The kids are having fun. The grownups are cleaning their gutters and, while it isn’t fun, it is a necessity. Clogged gutters in the fall lead to ice buildup in the winter — and that can mean big trouble by spring. […]

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Trees

We all know that trees are lovely to look at, but today there is mounting evidence that leafy plants provide a range of health benefits to humans.  If you have one or more stately old trees in your yard, enjoy them for their shade and beauty and do whatever it takes to preserve them. They may […]

Gutter Guards Protect from Wildfire

Your debris-filled gutters aren’t just an eyesore; they’re actually a danger to your family and your entire neighborhood. Every homeowner knows that their gutters serve as ideal pathways for excess water during storms, but few are aware that these same channels are also prime locations for combustion. In reality, however, experts have observed that open gutters […]

Deter Mosquitoes with Covered Gutters

Last week it was reported that West Nile positive mosquitoes had been found in the major cities of Boston and Denver, as well as their surrounding areas. When we think of the virus, that was first identified 70 years ago in eastern Africa, American metropolises aren’t normally what come to mind. However, this disease has […]

Drought Gutter Issues

As the drought in central Texas enters its fourth year, property owners can expect to have to tighten their belts even further in the months ahead. In many towns, residents have been instructed to avoid using potable water for swimming pools, fountains and golf courses. Hundreds of thousands of acres sit completely parched, and many […]

A Tree Grows in… the Gutter

When a tree grows in the gutter, it comes down to one thing: gutter neglect. Without regular maintained uncovered gutter collect all kinds of organic debris. Most people are well aware of this fact. However, cleaning the gutter takes a lot of time and work, and when not done properly can often lead to mishaps […]

Gutters and Summer Storms

Summer is officially here! And while that means pools, picnics, and fireworks, for much of the country, it also means dealing with periodic downpours. Regions like the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest in particular are known for their powerful summer storms. But before these thunderstorms strike with their full force, you want to make sure your […]

A Brief History of Gutters and Cisterns

For centuries, people have used gutters and cisterns to direct and collect rainwater. Today, most homeowners have some form of water regulating device installed on their residences to prevent damage from excess water. Water directing and collecting systems have a lengthy and fascinating history that includes various civilizations, the use of different materials and creative […]

Earth Day: Plant Some Trees

Today is Earth Day, the worldwide celebration of the environment. The holiday was founded by the Earth Day Network in 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to promote ecologically friendly activities. One popular Earth Day past time is planting trees. Adding more trees to the planet is almost universally recognized as a way […]

Rain Gutters for April Showers

According to weather data from the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, Portland, Cleveland, and Seattle are among the rainiest places in the U.S. All three cities typically experience more than 140 days of precipitation each year. All of this precipitation may not take away from the beauty and culture that makes these cities great, but it does […]

Get Gutters Ready for Early Spring Blooms

While the recent snowstorms may have you fooled, spring weather really is just around the corner. This means that spring foliage is also about to make it’s return. Before the blossoms and leafs arrive in full force, make sure that your gutters are fully functioning and protected. Here is a list of early bloomers to […]

Gutters at the Oscars

The 86th Academy Awards are going to feature something a little different. No it’s not a heinous dress or a ridiculously young date (although there will probably be plenty of those too). The unexpected accessory on this year’s red carpet is going to be rain gutters… that’s right, rain gutters! Los Angeles is predicted to […]

Gutter Protection in America’s Coldest Cities

According to the National Weather Channel, Cleveland is one of the coldest major cities in America. In a list released last week, the city was ranked the 14th coldest in the country. Cleveland‘s southern suburb, Akron also made the list, being dubbed even colder in the 13th position. The average winter temperate for these cities […]