Install a French Drain in Your Yard

Luxury homes set the tone here in McLean, Virginia, where roof gutters and lawn drainage systems work together to keep manicured landscapes beautiful. Still, an address inside the Washington Metropolitan area’s wealthiest ZIP code can’t protect your yard from flooding when heavy rains move in. If your lawn puddles, pools, or runs with rivers during […]

Eliminate Algae Growth From Your Roof and Gutters

Imagine that you’re flying in one of the hot air balloons from the Cook Park Festival. Can you see your house from up there? How does that roof look? If you’re seeing shades of green, your home is like countless others here in Tigard, Oregon. The gutter service pros at LeafGuard by BELDON® know that […]

Protecting Chicago’s Water Through Stormwater Management

Chicago enjoys a variety of water resources, including Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, and Lake Calumet. These water resources are used throughout the city for many things, including safe drinking water. The Green Stormwater Infrastructure Strategy is key to the city’s stormwater management kit, and having a good rain gutter system can be beneficial for […]

All About Acid Rain in Maryland

The Eastern United States continues to experience harmful rainfall, which is causing serious problems for the environment. While LeafGuard gutter installers are experts when it comes to protecting your Parkville, Maryland home from rain and water damage, acid rain is a form of precipitation that requires a different kind of protection. As acid rain continues […]

Wildlife Can Damage Your Gutters

Gutters are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting and maintaining a roof. When gutters fail to route water away from the roof – whether it’s because they’re clogged or broken – serious water damage can occur. It’s easy to understand how gutters get clogged, but how do they get damaged? Critters […]