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5 Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

holiday safety

The lights shine more brightly in Cleveland, Ohio when the holidays roll around. People everywhere gather their stringed lights and hang them up around the house, creating visual displays that blink and twinkle in the night. While you’re whistling a festive tune and hanging the decorations, it’s important to keep in mind these safety tips so you can protect your home and family this holiday season.

Check the labels for outdoor use.

When you’re hanging decorations outside, use extension cords and lights that are labeled for outdoor use. Using indoor-only decorations and cords may pose a fire risk as they are subjected to the rain and snow in Cleveland Ohio.

Inspect the decorations beforehand.

Inspect your lights, extension cords and other decorations for damage. Exposed wires can spark fires or create an electrical shock if you touch them. You’ll save yourself and your home from a devastating fire by checking your decorations before hanging them on your house.

Don’t use metal ladders.

Metal ladders conduct electricity, so use a wooden or fiberglass ladder when stringing lights along your gutters and other areas. In addition, take care not to hang your lights or stretch extension cords near power lines. Keep your ladder at least 10 feet from power lines to avoid a serious accident.

Use safety clips instead of nails.

Using a hammer and nails to hang decorations not only damages your home’s exterior but also poses an electrical risk. Use safety clips to hang the lights from the gutters or to attach decorations to doors and windows. While you’re up there, take a peek at the condition of your gutters, too. Call a professional gutter service if your gutters show signs of sagging as they could buckle under heavy snow and bring down your lighting decorations.

Avoid overloading electrical outlets.

Don’t plug in more decorations than your electrical outlet can handle. Plugging in too many electrical cords may lead to overheating and a house fire. You should also turn off your decorations before bedtime to prevent any electrical accidents while you sleep.

Take precaution when hanging decorations outside your home this holiday. Whether it’s using a fiberglass ladder or having a gutter service check for a damaged system, you can never be too careful when it comes to wrapping your home in electrical wires. With the help of LeafGuard gutters you’ll be safely celebrating the holiday season.

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