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3 Decorative Downspout Ideas

gutter downspout

Don’t let drab downspouts decrease the curb appeal of your Cleveland, Ohio home. Home to a variety of attractions, Clevelanders across the city can enjoy the benefits of making their residential gutters more attractive. Whether you live in West Park with your family or in a beautiful Old Brooklyn home, these four decorative downspout ideas from LeafGuard will have you appreciating your home’s exterior.

Downspout Trellis

Creatively hide your downspouts by hanging a specially made trellis around it. These special trellises are designed to hang on your house and are shaped in a semi-circle to cover vertical components. Plant vines that can fill out the trellis easily and create an aesthetically appealing look. Morning glories are easy to grow, can reach up to 10 feet long, and are great for decorating a trellis because of their beauty. Clematis is also a good choice; they require little maintenance, are easy to control and are lighter weight.

Paint Them to Blend In

Your downspouts may stand out because of their color. Hide your downspouts in plain sight by painting them – or choosing a color – to blend in with the color of your house. Painting your Cleveland downspouts can also be necessary if you change the color of your home. There are several steps to take in order to paint your downspouts.

  • Clean the downspout first with a grout sponge, and a mixture of soap and water.
  • Make sure to rinse them thoroughly to remove any soap residue.
  • Prime the gutters with an ammonia-free, oil-based metal primer.
  • Apply the last coat of paint within 48 hours of the primer.

Creatively Painting

Hiding your gutter downspouts may not be the route you want to go; try making them stand out by painting them creatively. Make the base color the same color as your house, and then set your imagination loose. Try painting some vines, flowers and leaves to match your garden.

LeafGuard’s gutter downspouts are oversized for the most effective water elimination and are available in an array of colors for customization. If you can’t stand your current Cleveland gutter system, give LeafGuard a call. We’ll replace your old system with our patented, clog-free gutters.

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